To stimulate your life as a couple, opt for this very inventive naughty game from the brand Secret Play. Composed of 6 series of themed cards including Long live the romance, make plans, leave the house, preliminary, facts and price series, this game is fun and very easy to play. In addition, two numbered dice and a die with a color on each side are also included in this box. To play, you will only have to follow these instructions. Each player rolls the numbered dice. The person with the highest number of points starts. Then, rolling the dice with the colored faces will determine the series that will be used for the first challenge. Roll one or two dice of your choice to finish. The amount obtained will give the challenge to be met. To spice up this special moment even more, you can take up the challenge outdoors. You have a week to do it. Note that this 12-card game exists in bilingual version (French and English). It is ideal for couples who already know each other well.


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