Secure payment

Our means of payment arefullymoved

At this time, many people choosee-commerce to make their purchase as well as to sell. Several shops are apparently online and new businesses are popping up every day. This certainly increases and multiplies the number ofscams and frauds on payment methods. If you'rea boutiqueowneror avid online shopper, you've probablyheard aboutit. In this sense, we offer you the best means of paymentaswell aspossible.

Curateyour payment on PayPal

For online sellers, PayPal allows you to do management and billings as well asotheractivities thatare also related to an online shop. This paid-as-you-goplatform offers a range of protection for sellers and buyers alike. It guarantees the receiptof the full payment except in the casewhere thebuyer claimsthathehas notyet obtained his purchase. To thisend, PayPal uses encryption in all itsoperations. This includes the TLS connection or a highly secure connectionwith HTTPS, and compliance withdata rules such asPCI-DSS, a standard ofdata security on payment cards.

Toproperlycurate your online payments on PayPal, these are the important points:

· Whenever you have resorted to a mailing or apayment receipt, an electronicmail confirmationof PayPal will alert you in case of difficulty.

· Duringasale, try tosendyour item to unseified addresses. Sending to a good address reducestherisk ofhaving items purchasedwith a creditcardthat has beenstolen.

· Beware of transactions accompanied bya red flag: you may have made a sale with a fraudulent buyer.

· Keep all records of the sale andshipment.

In order tosecureyour account, PayPal has set a verificationofcard payments. Thus, a payment may berefused if:

· The limit ofamap ispassed,

· Thedirectornoticesanabnormal bit and blocks the transaction toprotect you,

· thedirector may haveencountered technicaldifficultiespreventinga transaction.

Amazon Pay, another secure paymentmethod

Tosecure payments, Amazon Pay has taken serious stepstoreduceand prevent all kinds of frauds and scams on your creditcard. To do this, your account is subject to numerous verificationstoensure that you aresafe inatransaction ora payment receipt.

To do this, Amazon Pay uses a highly secure server:the https:// for a connection to your account, and then SSL encryption: Secure Socket Layer, an encoding for server security.

In addition, Amazon Pay recommends:

· never make a payment to win in contests or lotteries,

· not to respond to an offer if you arenotconvincedthatitis nota scam.

Thereareseveralreasons whya payment may be for Amazon Pay:

· A buyer maybe able to use many numbersof creditcardsstolen to proceed witha scam.

· A refused cardcould beat asign that thefraudulentbuyer didnotevenknow the card's ceiling oreven thebank notices an abnormal transaction.

· Whoever makes thepurchase asks youto divide orde-cutthe payment ofanorderhe madeon differentcreditcards. In a casewhere a payment is refused,a fraudster might think about splitting the amount of the transaction on many cards in the eventthat his order passesthe credit ceiling ofthereal owner.

Highly sized paymenton Stripe

Stripe is a payment method that meets the highest onlinepaymentsecuritystandards. The latter allows buyers and sellers to pay and receive a paymentinfull. SSL encryption is used for yourbankdata. In this sense, these datacould not beconcealedor seized on the Internet, and are in no waycommunicated to Stripe.

When shoppingonline, theoperationwill be onStripe'sencryptedbanking site. An assurance that yourcard number will neverbe known. Also, the payment platform uses different methodsto secureitspayment pages, namely:

· card numbers that are codedon disk with AES-256,

· forde-coding, the transmission ofcardnumbers is donein anindreguedmannerin order toavoid the risks of sharinginformation.

Areliable security protocolon Visa MasterCard

3D Secure is asecurity protocolcreated by Visa and MasterCard that allowsonline payments to becured. Only those who havea Visaand MasterCard card can benefitfrom thissecuritysystem.

If you areyour sellers, the creditbankswill hold you accountable in case you receive fraudulent transactions. In this case, you remain the best persontoidentify and detect thesetypes ofscams and suspicious transactions.

Theuse of 3D Secure will minimize the unpaiddamage causedby thescam madeby thefraudulent buyer. In the eventthat the transaction is refusedbythe cardholder, the charge of thetaxwill be transferredtothe bank account of thecard ownerand not totheonline shareholder. C 'is why the VISA card and MasterCard with its 3D Securedevice are very important foronline shops.


Since theadventof online shops, many peoplehavebeen busy shopping ontheinternet. Itis certainlyeasier to get everythingyouwant online. However, there are risks of exposing yourself to scams and scams. In the face of this, we have provided you with reliable means of payment in order to make and receive a transaction safely.