Our payment methods are completely secure

At this time, many people choose e-commerce to make their purchase as well as to sell. Several shops are apparently online and new businesses are popping up every day. This certainly increases and multiplies the number of scams and frauds on payment methods. If you are store owners or avid online shoppers, you've probably heard of it by now. In this sense, we offer you the best and most secure means of payment.

Secure your payment on PayPal 

For online sellers, PayPal allows you to manage and invoice as well as other activities that are also linked to an online store. This secure payment platform offers a range of protection for both sellers and buyers. It guarantees the receipt of full payment except in the case where the buyer claims that he has not yet obtained his purchase. For this purpose, PayPal uses encryption in all its operations. Among these, the TLS connection or a highly secure connection with HTTPS, and compliance with data security rules such as PCI-DSS, a data security standard on payment cards.

To secure your online payments on PayPal, these are the important points to know :

·       Each time you resort to a shipment or a payment receipt, a confirmation by electronic mail of PayPal will alert you in case of difficulty.

·       During a sale, avoid sending your item to unconfirmed addresses. Sending to a good address reduces the risk of having items purchased with a credit card that has been stolen.

·       Beware of transactions with a red flag: you may have made a sale with a fraudulent buyer.

·       Keep all records of the sale and shipment.

In order to be able to secure your account, PayPal has put a verification of card payments. Thus, a payment may be refused if :

·       the limit of a card is exceeded,

·       the issuer notices an abnormalbit and blocks the transaction to protect you,

·       the issuer may have encountered technical difficulties preventing a transaction.

Amazon Pay, another secure payment method

To secure payments, Amazon Pay has taken seried measures to reduce and avoid all kinds of fraud and scams on your credit card. For this, your account is subject to numerous verification formalities to guarantee you security during a transaction or payment receipt.

To do this, Amazon Pay uses a highly secure server: the https:// for a connection to your account, then SSL encryption: Secure Socket Layer, an encoding for server security .

In addition, to avoid any scams, Amazon Pay recommends :

·       never make a payment to win in contests or sweepstakes,

·       not to respond to an offer if you are not convinced that it is not a scam.

For a payment to be declined on Amazon Pay, there are several reasons why:

·       It may be that a buyer may employ many numbered stolen credit cards to carry out a scam.

·       A rejected card could already be a sign that the fraudulent buyer has not even known the limit of the card or even the bank notices an abnormal transaction.

·       Whoever makes the purchase asks you to divide or decalculate the payment of an order he has made on different credit cards. In a case where a payment is refused, a fraudster might think of splitting the amount of the transaction on many cards in the event that his order exceeds the credit limit of the real owner.

Highly secure payment on Stripe

Stripe is a payment method that meets the highest standards of online payment security. The latter allows buyers and sellers to pay and receive payment in a short manner. SSL encryption is used for your bank data. In this sense, these data could not be hidden or entered in passing on the internet, and are in no way communicated to Stripe.

When making an online purchase, the operation will be done on the Stripe banking site in encrypted mode. An assurance that your card number will never be known. Also, the payment platform uses different methods for the security of its payment pages , namely :

·       card numbers that are disk-encoded with AES-256,

·       for decoding, the transmission of card numbers is done independently in order to avoid the risks of information sharing

A reliable security protocol on Visa MasterCard

3D Secure is a security protocol created by Visa and MasterCard that makes it possible to secure online payments. Only those who own a Visa and MasterCard card can benefit from this security system.

If you are sellers, the credit issuing banks will hold you responsible in case you receive fraudulent transactions. In this case, you remain the best placed person to denounce and detect these kinds of scams as well as suspicious transactions.

The use of 3D Secure will minimize the unpayments caused by the scam made by the fraudulent buyer. In the event that the transaction is refused by the cardholder, the charge of the impayé will be transferred to the bank account of the owner of the card and not to the online trader. This is why the VISA and MasterCard card with its 3D Secure device are very important for online shops.


Since the advent of online shops, many people prefer to make their purchases on the internet. Certainly, it may be easier to get everything you want online. However, there are risks of exposing yourself to scams and scams. Faced with this, we have put at your disposal reliable means of payment in order to make and receive a transaction in complete security.

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