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Client: any professional or natural person capable within the meaning of Articles 1123 and following of the Civil Code, or legal person, who visits the Site subject to the presentconditions It's going to be a good time.
Benefits and
Services: provides clients with:

Content: All the constituent elements of the information presented on the Site, including texts - images - video.

Customer Information: This is known as "Information" which corresponds to all personal data that may be held by for account management, customer relationship management, and for analysis and statistical purposes.

User: Internet user logging in, using the aforementionedsite.

Personal information: "Information that permits, in any form, directly or not, the identification of the individuals to whom they apply" (Article 4 of Act 78-17 of January 6, 1978).

The terms "personal data," "person concerned," "subcontractor" and "sensitive data" have the meaning oftheGeneral Regulation onData Protection(RGPD: No. 2016-679)

1. Presentationof the website.

Under Article 6 of Law 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in thedigital economy,it is provided to users of the website the ideaof the differentstakeholders in its realizationandfollow-up:

Owner: micro-enterprise pribey Num éro de TVA: FR 85 539080499. Rue bataille 69008 Lyon
The person in charge of publishing is a natural person or a legal person.
ébergeur: Ionos - station square 57200 Serreguemines
to data protection: Nicolas -

2. General termsand conditionsforthe use of the site and theservices referredto.

The Site is a workof thespirit protectedby the provisions of the Intellectual Property Codeand applicable internationalregulations. The Client may not in any way use,use or exploit all or part oftheSite's work or elements on his ownaccount.

Theuse of the pribey site impliesfull and complete acceptanceof thegeneral conditionsofuse below. These terms ofuse arelikely to be modifiedorcomplete at any time, so users of the pribey siteare invited to consult themina generalmanner.

This website is normally accessible to users at any time. An interruption due to technical maintenance can, however, bedecidedby pribey,whichwill then endeavour to communicate the dates and times of the intervention tousers. The website is updatedregularly. In the same way, the referencescan be changed at any time: theyarenevertheless imposed on theuser who is invitedto refer to itasoften as possible inorder toread them.

3. Description of the services provided.

Our purpose is to provide information onall ofthe company'sactivities. Pribey strivesto provide information on the site asaccurateas possible. However, it cannot be held responsible forany omissions, inaccuracies and deficiencies in the update, eitherasa result of it or by the third parties that provide this information.

All information onthesite is given as an indication, and is likely tobestolen. In addition, the information on the site is not exhaustive. They are beingmade underthe provision of changesthat have been madesince they wereput online.

4. Contractual limitations ontechnical data.

The site uses JavaScript technology. The website cannot be held responsible formaterial damagerelated to theuse ofthesite. In addition, theuser of thesiteagrees to accessthe site using ahundred-dollarmaterial,containing no viruses and with a recentupdatedbrowserThe site is beingvisited by a supplier in the territory of theEuropean Unioninaccordance withthe provisionsoftheGeneral Regulationson The Protection ofDonations(RGPD: No. 2016-679)

Theaimis toprovide a servicethat ensures the highest rate ofaccessibility. The hostmaintainshis service 24 Hours a day, every day of theyear. Nevertheless,itis usingthe possibility of discontinuingtheaccommodationservice fortheshortest possible hardevents, including for maintenance purposes,theimprovementofits infrastructure,thelossof its infrastructure or whether the Benefits and Services generallyconsidered traffictobe abnormal.

Pribey and thehostwill not be held responsible formalfunctioning theInternetnetwork,telephone lines orcomputerequipment, andin particular for theclutter of thenetwork, which is blockedfromtheserver.

5.Intellectualproperty andcounterfeits.

Pribey ownsintellectual propertyrights andholds the rightsofuse on all elementsavailable on the website, including texts, images, graphics, logos,videos,iconsand sounds. Any reproduction, representation,modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of theelements of the site, regardless of the means or procedure used,is prohibited, unless authorizedbytheprior pribey.

Any unauthorized exploitationof the site orany of the elements itcontainswill be consideredtoconstitutea violationand pursued inaccordance withtheprovisions ofArticles L.335-2 and subsequent articles of the Intellectual Property Code.

6. Limitations of responsibility.

Pribey acts asthe editor of thesite and is responsible for the quality andquality of the Contentit publishes.

Pribey cannot be held responsible for the direct and indirect damagecausedtotheuser'sequipment, uponaccessto the websiteandresulting from either theuseofequipmentthat doesnot respond to thespecificsindicatedat point 4, or theappearance ofa bug orincompatibilated.

Pribey will also not beliable for indirect damages (such asa lossof market or loss ofluck) due to the use of thesite. Interactive spaces (possibility of asking questions in thecontact area) are available to users.

Pribey reservesthe right to remove, without a pre-arranged notice,any contentinthis space that would contraviated theapplicable legislation in France, in particular theprovisions relating to the protection ofdata. The case, pribey also reserves the possibility of questioning the civil and/or penal responsibility of the user, especially in case of a message of racistcharacter, insults, defamatory, or pornographic, whatever the medium used(text, photograph ... ).

7. Personaldatamanagement.

The Clientis informed oftheregulations concerning marketing communication, the law of 21 June 2014 for confidence in theDigitalEconomy,the Computer and Freedom Act of 06 Août 2004 as well as theGeneralRegulationon the ProtectionofDonations(RGPD: No. 2016-679).

7.1 Personal data collection

For PersonalDatacollected as part of the creation of theUser'spersonal accountand its navigation on the Site, the person in charge of the processing ofPersonalDonationsis: pribey.

As the person responsible for processing the datait collects, pribey iscommitted to complying with the framework of thecurrent provisions. In particular, it is theClient'sresponsibility to finalateits datatreatments, provide its prospects and clients, based on the collection of their consents, with complete informationon the treatment of their personaldataand maintain a register of treatments in accordance with the reality. Whenever pribey deals withpersonal data, all reasonable steps are taken toensure theaccuracy and relevance ofpersonal data in relation tothe purposesfor which they are treated.

7.2Finaled datacollected

Pribey is likely to handle all or part ofthedata:

· to enable navigation on the Site and the management and security of services and services orderedby theuser: dataon connection and useofthe Site, billing, order history, etc.

· to preventand fight against computer fraud (spamming, hacking... ): computerhardware used for navigation,IP address, password (hashe)

· toimprove navigation on the Site:dataon connection anduse

· to conduct optional satisfaction surveyson email address

· to conduct communication campaigns (sms, mail): numberofphone, email address

Pribey does not market yourpersonal data,which is therefore only usedeitherfor statistical purposes andanalysis.

7.3 Right ofAccess, Rectification andOpposition

In accordance with thecurrentEuropean regulation,Pribey Users have the following rights:

· (Article15 RGPD) and rectification (Article 16 RGPD), updating, complete datafromUsers straight locking orerasing datafrom Users of Personal Character(Article 17 of the RGPD), whenthey are inaccurate,incomplete, equivocal,collecting,using, communicating or conservation is prohibited.

· right to withdraw consent at any time (Article 13-2c RGPD)

· right to limit the processing ofuserdata (Article 18 RGPD)

· right toobject to the treatment ofuserdata (Article 21 RGPD)

· the right to the carryability ofthe data that users willhave provided, when these dataaresubject to automatedprocessingbasedon their consent or contract (Article 20 RGPD)

· right todecide the fateof users' dataaftertheir death and tochoose to whom pribey will have to communicate (or not) his data to a third party thatthey willhave promptlysigned

As soonas pribey is aware ofa User'sconditionand requiresinstructions from him, pleaseundertake to destroyhis data,unless their preservation isnecessary for probationary purposes or to meetan obligation.

If theUserwishestoknow how pribey uses hisPersonal Data, ask to correct them orobject to their treatment, theUser cancontact pribey by writing at thefollowingaddress:

Pribey (also)
Rue bataille 69008 Lyon.

In this case, theUser must indicate thePersonal Datathat he would like pribey to correct, update or delete,byidentifyingthemselveswith a copy ofapieceofidentity (identity card or passport).

Requests to remove Personal Datawill be subject tothe obligations imposed by law, includingthepreservation orarchiving of documents. Finally, Pribey Users canmake a claimtotheauthoritiesof the authorities,including the CNIL (

7.4 Non-disclosure ofpersonal data

Pribeyprohibits itself fromprocessing, hobergerortransferringinformationcollectedon its customers to a countrylocated outside theEuropeanUnionor recognized as "undéquat" by the European Commissionwithout informing the customer. However, pribey remains free to choose its technical and commercial subcontractors on the condition thatit providesufficientsafeguards in relation to the requirements oftheGeneral Regulationon Data Protection(RGPD: No. 2016-679).

Pribeyundertakes to take all necessary pre-guaranteesin order to protectthesecurityofthe Information and in particular thatit is not communicated to non-authorized persons. However, if an incident affecting theintegrity orconfidentiality of the Customer's Information is brought to the attention of pribey the latter must in the best possibleway inform the Customer and communicate to him the correctivemeasures taken. Furthermore, pribey does not collect any "sensitive data."

The User'sPersonalDatamay be processedby pribey subsidiaries and subcontractors (service providers), exclusively in order to achievethepurposesof thepolitical development.

Within their respective responsibilities and for the finalsrecalled above, the main people likelytohave accessto the dataof Pribey Users are primarily agents of our customer service.

7.5 Types ofdatacollected

For users of the www.pribey.comsite, we collect thefollowing data that are essential to the operation of theservice, and which will be keptforanindiesfinite:
name, name,
postal address, e-mail, telephone.

Pribey also collects information that improvesuserexperience and offers contextualadvice: cookies

8.Incident notification

No effort, nomethods of transmission on the Internet and noelectronicstorage methods arecomplete. As aresult, wecannot guaranteeabsolutesecurity. If we were to learn about a safetyissue, we would notify the affected usersso that they could takeappropriate action. Ourincidentnotificationprocesses take into account our obligations,whether they are at the national orEuropean level. We are committed to fully informing our customers of all accountsecurity issues and providing them with all necessary information to help them meet their own regulatory reporting obligations.

No personal information of the user of the site is publishedwithout the user's knowledge, changed,transferred,givenor sold on any medium to third parties. Only the assumptionof thepurchase of pribey and its rights would allow the transmission of the so-called information to therealacquirerwho would in turnbe bound by theobligation to preserve and modify thedata vis-à-vis the user of the pribey site.


To ensure thesafety and confidentiality ofSante'sPersonal Data and PersonalData, pribey usessecurities protectedby standard devices such as firewalls, pseudonymization,encryption andpasswords.

In the processing ofPersonalData, all reasonable measures are taken to protect them from loss, use oftour,unauthorizedaccess,disclosure, alterationor destruction.

9. Hyperlinks "cookies" and tags internet

The site contains a number of hyperlinks to othersites, set up with pribeypermission. However, pribey doesnot have the opportunityto check the content of the sites thus visited,and willthereforeassumeno responsibility for this fact.

Unless you wanttodeactivate the cookies, you agree that the site can use them. You can activate these cookies for free at any timefromthe deactivation optionsavailable to you anda reminder,knowingthat this canreduceor preventaccess to all or part ofthe Servicesofferedby the site.

9.1. "COOKIES"

A "cookie" is a smallinformation filesentto theuser'sbrowserand recorded within theuser's device(e.g. computer, smartphone), (below "Cookies"). This file includes information such as theUser'sdomain name, theUser'sInternetaccessprovider,theuser'soperatingsystem,and the date andtime ofaccess. Cookies are not likely todamage theuser'sdevice.

Pribey is likely to process theUser'sinformationabout his visit to the Site, such as the pagesconsulted,the searches carried out. This information allows pribeytoimprove the content of the Site and theuser'snavigation.

With Cookies facilitating the navigation and/or provision of the services offeredby theSite, theUser can set up his browser to allow himtodecide whetheror not he wishes to accept them in away that Cookies areregistered in the terminal or, on the contrary, whetherthey arerejected,either systemicallyor according to theirdirector. Usersmay also set up their navigation software so that cookies are accepted orrejectedon an ad hoc basis, beforea Cookie islikely to be registered in its terminal. pribey informs theUser that, in this case,not allfeaturesof its navigation software maybe available.

If theUser refusesto register Cookies in their device or browser, or if theUser deletes those that are registered there,theUser isinformed that their browsing and experienceon theSite may be limited. This could also be the case where pribey orone of its providers cannotrecognize, for technicalcompatibility purposes, the type of browser usedby the terminal, the languageanddisplay settings,or the country from which the terminalappearstobe connected to the Internet.

The case served,the responsibility for theconsequencesof thesite and the services possiblyproposed,a resultof the refusal of Cookies by the User(ii) of theimpossibilityto requiretheregistration or consultation of the Cookiesnecessary for their operation. For the management of Cookies andUserChoices,the configuration of each browser is different. It isincludedin thebrowser'shelpmenu,which will let you knowhowtheUser can change their Cookiewishes.

At any time, theUsercan choose toexpress and modify their wishes forCookies. Pribey will also be able to use the services of external providers to help it collect and process information fromthis section.

Finally, by clicking on the itemsdesignedatthe SocialNetworks Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus on the Site or in its mobile app and if theUser hasaccepted the choiceof cookiesby continuing to browse the Pribey Website ormobile app. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google can alsoplace cookies on your devices (computer, tablet,mobile phone).

These types of cookies are onlyfoundonyour devicesif you consentto them, by continuing to browse the's website ormobile app. At any time, theUser maystill retracthis consent to ofsuch cookies.


Pribey may occasionally use Internet tags (alsocall "tags" or actiontags, one-pixel GIFs, transparent GIFs, invisible GIFs and GIFs one to one) andremove themthroughtheintermedialof aspecialpartner ofweb analytics likely to be found (and thus to store the corresponding information, including the user'sIP address)in aforeign country.

These tags are placed both inonline advertisementsthat allow users toaccessthe Site, and on the different pagesof the site.

This technology allows pribey to evaluatetheresponses of visitors to the Site and theeffectivenessof its actions (for example, the number of timeswhere a page is opened and the informationconsulted),as well as theuser'suse of this Site.

The external provider may be able to collect information about visitors to the Site andotherwebsites throughthese tags, report on the Site'sactivity to pribey's attention, and provide other servicesrelated to the use of the Site and theInternet.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

Any disputes relatingtothe use of the pribey site are subject to Frenchlaw. Apart from caseswhere the law does not allow it, jurisdiction is granted exclusively tothe competent courtsof Chartres