Teen sexuality without contradictions

Teen sexuality without contradictions


The important thing is to dialogue and listen to your teen. If he asks you questions, be open-minded, speak calmly and relaxed. There are no taboo subjects. With school and the internet, teens already know a lot, but it is essential that they can confide in you, ask you questions. Don't be embarrassed in front of a family movie with an erotic scene. Your teen will feel it and it's not what we want. You can start a conversation by bouncing off a hot topic (e.g. post-lockdown sex). When your daughter has her period, it is an opportunity to talk about contraception, relationship to the body, listening to oneself.


You can talk about contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases to both girls and boys. In addition to sexuality education classes, you can remind yourself of the importance of condoms during every sexual intercourse to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases. You can provide a box of condoms to show them the importance of protecting themselves, their partner and letting them know that you are open.

You can offer your daughter to go to a gynecologist, consider the use of the pill. Your daughter will be able to ask the gynecologist questions that she does not dare to ask you.

The first time

Your teen sees his body change, the chest for girls, erections for boys. Its upheavals provoke questions about sexuality and the first sexual intercourse.

It is important for parents to listen to your teen, to listen to him, to answer his questions, to explain the changes in his body, without being intrusive. Your teen needs to know that they can come and talk to you. And if you are not comfortable with his questions, you can call on a professional, doctor or gynecologist.

You have to make him understand that you have to take your time, have confidence in yourself and in the person with whom you are going to do it, protect yourself with safe means of contraception. Girls may be afraid of penetration. They need to be reassured so that they are relaxed and confident for their first time. For boys, telling them it's not about performance. You have to listen to your partner.


The main thing is to create a climate of trust and dialogue with your teen. Don't judge it or be intrusive. You also have to accept that your teen will not talk to you about everything. You can insist on the awesome feeling of being in love, of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. And that if it's not, it's because there's a problem. Insist on never doing what you don't want to do and that pornographic films don't necessarily represent reality.

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