Gtg: Asus Full HD 27 IPS gaming screen

Gtg: Asus Full HD 27 IPS gaming screen

Gtg: ASUS Full HD 27 IPS gaming screen

Buying a gamer screen is not always easy. Especially when you're just starting out and you don't really know what criteria to look at. Each need being different, each requirement being just as different, the characteristics will vary and will not all have the same importance. Here are some tips to head to the one that will have the best features, like the GTG screen.

The different types of screen

The purchase of a screen must be done according to the usefulness that you will have of it. A gamer screen will not necessarily be in line with the needs of a person who does not give more importance to graphics.

When you go to a store to buy a computer screen, you are going to be confronted with different types that each have their specificities.

What are they?

  • The office screen: it is the one found in the most people since it allows you to perform simple and basic tasks such as word processing, sending e-mails, playing videos or photos, etc. He has been at our side since the emergence of the Internet and the use of computers in both the private and professional spheres. Some streamers use it for second-hand needs.
  • Graphics and multimedia: screens intended for this type of use have important criteria to be able to be as close as possible to colors. This will make it possible to have an ideal and faithful visual for an optimal retouching rendering or editing quality.
  • The famous gamer screen: it must be as efficient as possible and be able to have a perfect GTG screen . The games will each have different demands and needs: that's why it's important that the screen is as suitable as possible for all types. The multimedia experience is going to be essential: superior image quality and good fluidity.

The response time of the GTG screen

Information about the GTG screen will be essential for all those who wish to have an optimal fluidity of content. This acronym represents the time in milliseconds that a pixel takes to change from one gray to another. This is a very technical transition value that does not accurately reflect the movement perceived by your eye. Indeed, other factors intervene with your perception: the refresh rate, for example.

The GTG screen of the full HDASUS takes into account a favorable setting of the overdrive.

Gamer screen: live your gaming experience to the fullest!

Now that you're comfortably seated in front of your screen, it's time to experience your favorite video game in a different way.

Total immersion in your video game

Thanks to the GTG screen response time that your new gamer screen will bring you ASUS, you will finally play in optimal conditions! The speed at which a pixel will be able to change is an unmatched performance. Renowned worldwide for creating high-quality computer screens, the ASUS brand is once again establishing itself in your daily life to offer you a new gaming experience. The resolution of the screen and its size will allow you to dive into the universe you are facing.

No need to look for VR glasses everywhere! Without downgrading, a good gamer screen is enough to make you live a total immersion in front of an LED display technology.

GTG screen: a choice that can be decisive

As we know, the response time of a screen is essential if you want to play your game without wanting to send everything up in the air after a few minutes. The lower the GTG screen, the less likely you are to have blurry or jerky renderings on your image. As we said above, it is obvious that this responsiveness has major consequences on your gaming experience! So, with the Full HD 27 IPS gaming screen sold at ASUS, you will discover the miracles of a GTG 1ms screen.

We strongly encourage you to discover a gaming screen like the Full HD 27 IPS from ASUS. Its GTG screen can only surprise you!

So, whose next victory is?

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