All about theasus all in one 21.5

All about theasus all in one 21.5

TheASUS all in one 21.5 is a computer exclusively manufactured and designed for all people looking for performance. With a large storage capacity of 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM, it is white in color and is equipped with a Windows 10 system. 

Why buy a computer screen?

Since a computer is originally composed of several elements, the choice of computer screen is important if you want to correctly visualize what it contains. Several characteristics are to be taken into account.

The two main types of computer screen

Computer screens can also be called "monitors". This technological element is a display device. Just like television screens that are connected to an internet box or a DVD player, computer screens allow you to have the visual of the content of the computer. Two families of screens can be distinguished: cathode ray tube screens and flat screens. The first type is usually found within companies to equip employees' offices. Heavy and bulky, they are not always practical but they have a low power consumption. Flat screens (much more fashionable today and even in corporate offices) provide the same functions as cathode ray screens but they are space-saving since they are flat while being light and design. Several characteristics are to be taken into account when you want to buy a computer screen. 

The different characteristics of computer screens  

  • Definition: the number of pixels that the screen can display. This number is usually between 640×480 and 2048×1536. However, higher definitions are technically possible. 
  • Size: like any object, it allows you to know its dimensions. On the other hand, when looking at a computer screen, it is necessary to measure the diagonal of the screen. It is expressed in inches. Different definitions may exist depending on the diagonal of the screen but large screens often have better definitions than smaller ones.
  • The mask step: difference that separates two luminophores. The smaller it is, the more accurate the image. Less than or equal to 0.25 mm provides good comfort.
  • Resolution: Determines the number of pixels per unit area. 

Why buy theasus all in one 21.5? 

Theasus all in one 21.5 is a fixed computer screen that can be found commercially as is the case with Pribey, on the internet. Its conception, its design, but especially its characteristics make it a popular computer screen. 

A computer screen for professional use

On the professional side, if you are looking for a screen that is both practical and efficient, theasus all in one 21.5 is exclusively designed for the treatment of professional tasks. Featuring a 21.5-inch Full HD screen, you can be sure that it will deliver you clear and sharp images in every detail and without any flaws. Its Core i3 allows it to work via new applications and recent software without fear of the slightest bug or slowdown in the processing of the tasks performed. In addition, its storage capacity and RAM make it a trustworthy screen. More than a work tool, it also allows you to watch videos and listen to sound recordings thanks to its premium Harman Kardon audio system. 

The practicality of theasus all in one 21.5

Its capabilities are therefore numerous to satisfy all those who wish to equip themselves with a fast, reliable, and efficient computer screen. In addition to all its technical characteristics that allow it to ensure a speed of processing tasks, theasus all in one 21.5 is also very practical. While we have known for years tangled cables that we always tried to hide and that attract dust, we can now enjoy an all inclusive. Everything we used to have in a computer tower is now integrated into the screen.

Theasus all in one 21.5 is therefore a real jewel of technology that you will have a hard time without! 

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