Screen for gamers: discover theacer predator 240Hz

Screen for gamers: discover theacer predator 240Hz

Screen for gamers: discover the predator 240Hzacer

To live a high-tech experience, you need to be well equipped. For this, a quality design screen with amazing features such as theACER predator 240Hz is essential.

Predator 240Hzacer : optimal playing conditions

Your eyes weaken, the colors fly away, you lose your parts... It's annoying to lose because of the poor quality of a device, right? Put an end to all this and finally get the screen that will revolutionize the way you play: theacer predator 240Hz.

The characteristics of a screen for gamers

For a complete gaming experience, get ready to confront a gaming screen with a Full HD monitor. Its 24.5" slab and 1 ms response time make it one of the most coveted screens on the market. Maybe even your game enemies already have it at home... Who knows? 

Designed to lead you to victory on the battlefield or on the racing circuit, you can be sure that theACER predator 240Hz will meet all your expectations.

Unbeatable games

Optimal playing comfort is still not refusal! Thanks to its 25-inch screen and Full HD resolution, theACER predator 240Hz is a monitor that offers high-flying image quality. You've never played a video game with such precision. Your parts will take another turn. 

If you weren't especially a gamer, you're going to be... TheACER predator 240Hz is a screen for gamers that allows you to put all the chances on your side! Its 240Hz refresh rate reduces latency. Sometimes it's great not to have time to do something else! You will quickly be conquered by all his abilities. 

Fluid, sharp and precise, the images you will have in front of your eyes will make you live your video game games differently. Think about the victory, think of theACER predator 240Hz!

A screen for gamers with an ergonomic design

The exterior is just as important as the interior. For once, you will be able to make a choice on both aspects. No one will ask you to choose between inner beauty or outer beauty. Either way, you won't be able to choose!

Maximum quality of play

In addition to offering you a new way to design the video game thanks to its latency-free and accurate images, discover also the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to match the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rate of your graphics card! 

We are sure that you fully understand the added value of this screen for gamers. Forget the unbearable jerky effects that literally make you want to send everything waltzing...

Theacer predator 240 hz: the screen of victory!

We have not yet reached the end of the list of positives. Not in a hurry? Because you're still going to be surprised...  

Regarding its design: enjoy an ergonomic design and optimize the viewing position. In portrait mode or landscape mode, the choice is yours! His foot rotates 90° to allow you to play as you wish. Is your screen a little too high? A little too low? Can't find the right height? Good! You will have even more desire to get theACER predator 240Hz. No you are not dreaming, it is adjustable on a height of 115 mm and has a horizontal rotation on an angle of 20'. Your needs of the moment will be satisfied thanks to all these impressive possibilities.

If you are not yet convinced, we are devoid of... We can just remind you that this ACER predator 240Hz is a real screen for gamers that will make your future video game games even more victorious than before! Let's not forget the film sessions: they too will be incredible. It is quite possible that your entourage will come to your home to enjoy your ACER predator 240Hz ...

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